Too many Ghasts in the Nether!!!!!!!!

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  1. Okay, just another normal day on EMC and I decide to go get some glowstone from the nether. When I arrive to the unprotected area of the Nether I spot a Ghast. So I'm thinking to myself "It's okay, it's only one Ghast what is it going to do to you"? I then kill the Ghast and turn the corner. (This is where it get's good) When I turn this corner there has to be ATLEAST, atleast 10 Ghasts shooting their fire charges at me. I die within seconds, then go to another server to see if there are as many Ghasts as there are on smp4. Hey, what do you know more and more and more Ghasts. Can someone please help me?

    Thanks, Guppy~
  2. Yup, we know this. there are a few threads with this problem :)
  3. guppy , its awesome!
  4. Ghast tear fest!!! Blast protection diamond and fire protection armor and some diamond swords :cool:
  5. yup
  6. I agree with Golfer...We should decrease the Ghast populace and just go on a murderous killing spree LOL
  7. ======================BREAKING NEWS======================

    Aikar has just fixed it!
    At exactly 9:40 p.m. Aikar fixed this bug!
    Eyewitnesses say that it said:
    " Server Rebooting/Shutting Down in one minute to fix Ghast"O"Geedon"
    Then they panicked and screemed and hit Esc, scrowed down 500 pixels, and right clicked.
    Those were the lucky few that escaped.
    But don't worry now! EMC has not more herding Ghast!

    Hash98-EMC News

  8. We should have ICC put a post on the main page along the lines of "Do not post about ghasts, we know" but not worded that way...

    Edit. ^That^ just appeared...
  9. note -- ghast have not returned to vanilla... We have intentionally made things a little more dangerous, however the previous system had a major flaw that did not control ghast spawning..

    that flaw has been fixed, so ghast are now properly balanced. There will still be great risk of ghast, as 4 could still gang up on you, but its much more tollerable now.

    However... The previous bug also caused ghast to not properly despawn when out of range. So all of the old ghast-a-geddon parties may still be floating around! I've killed off 2 packs on SMP1 already.
  10. :( sad news, had to undo the fix... Apparently town has been impacted with some weird bug that makes it really bad things happen in town. Working on fix...

    edit: Ok, lol. So... Apparently a section of code I added to despawn animals that are not on a residence did not exclude players, and it tried to remove players too who left residences.... fun.
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  11. just fyi one bug was you couldnt type into chat after logging in :D
  12. Couldn't you add mob limits in the nether?
    Something like Silence of Lambs?
  13. I'm trapped in nether on walkway above lava ocean with about 100 freaking ghasts in every direction destroying walkway. This is completely unplayable. RIDICULOUS!!!!!
  14. OR (and hear me out for this) maybe you could disconnect for a while and wait till the fix is done to relog and continue your journey with ease. Sound good? Cool.
  15. What do we get when we mix Aikar's coding and a nether-full-of-ghasts? Players being killed in a despawn massacre when leaving their residence!

    Ahaha just kidding, we love you Aikar. But seriously, please fix this :3
  16. Poor guy shouldn't really have to do that. :/
  17. Poor guy does that or die. Truth hurts
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  18. Aikar went out there and saved TheKimber from the evil Ghastageddon left overs.. All is right in the world of EMC. ;)
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  19. My comment was deleted, don't know why.

    @TheKimber I think you can drop 1-2K on a bow that might save your life.