Too Many Enderpearls Being Wasted!!! [Free enderpearls for all!]

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  1. Hey everybody,
    supporters, however, still have to pay outrageous prices for ender pearls while the supporters get to bathe in them! What I am getting to is that I want to find some way to easily and freely distribute ender pearls. Some way that supporters won't mind spending the extra minute to drop them off and random people can come and get them for free. I was hoping to put it on a res in utopia, so that supporters have to spend a literal 30 seconds to toss out their pearls in some hoppers instead of at the town spawn.

    Any good ideas?
  2. thats a great idea! especally since i need enderperls >_<
  3. This is a great idea.. i could use a few more stacks :p
  4. I wouldn't say they're too expensive, they're pretty cheap because of Endertopia.
    Where are you getting prices from?
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  5. Well, there are tons of endermen farms beside Endertopia, hehe... Just visit the End on some servers and search around for it.
  6. I would just make a donation area for people to drop them off on one of your reses and then have the hoppers go to chest that you can buy the pearls in incriments of 1, 4,8, and 16.
  7. This would seem nice, but what if instead and dropping them off in a hopper they just start an enderpearl shipping company?
  8. -cough- deaths farms on smp9 -cough- whoo that bone almost killed me
  9. They are pretty inexpensive right now, but this isn't a bad idea. To keep someone from camping and hogging all the Pearls, I would have the Hopper Chest feed another Chest set up as Free, then add a timer that feeds a stack or two in at a time.
  10. I mean, if you look around on smp5, there are at least 4-5 enderman farms there.
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  11. Theres sooooooo many DCs there
  12. Instead of facilitating something like this. Maybe give people the incentive to give you the learls by buying them at a really low price, 100r per 4DC's or something
  13. The thing with the prices is that even 1r is too high, because people should give them out for free instead of burning them! I would completely fill up my chests if I didn't give them out to random people. Also, an incentive might be hard because then the people who get them for free could just resell them and have a money loop.
  14. My Inventory space and time are valuable. Who is going to drag a bunch of Pearls back to Town if they are worth nothing? They have a value and it is greater than free.
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  15. I have too many enderpearls, I ain't a supporter :p
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  16. At my last count I had about 10 DC's of Pearls that were next to worthless. I got rid of five DC's of them by just throwing them away as no-one wanted them.
  17. So that's why this would be a good idea