Token History Error

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  1. I definitely wasn't online at 4 AM, I had fallen asleep hours earlier. I'm pretty sure I would have disconnected before then, and even if I had been in game how did this happen?
  2. From what i believe. If you hit an enraged zombie or whatever then someone else kills it you still get tokens... May be wrong though
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  3. Do the tokens appear according to the time you have the forums set to, or the servers time?
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  4. I'm in the same time as EMC time.
  5. Another possibility is if you were online and in a group. If any others in your group defeated the enraged monster then you would also have gotten some of the tokens. Still, considering the amount I'm not so sure that this is the case here.
  6. I believe when you leave the game you the leave group as well, I woke up to the "Server Restart" message so I doubt I was in a group at the time.
  7. You were afk in game :p You were still in the group and I killed an enraged mob underground by you. The tokens/xp are shared for group kills if you're close.
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  8. I had like half a heart when I went back in game, was thinking someone had protected me from something. :p