Toggleable Chat Mini-Update - 7/23/14

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  1. Hey everyone, not much in this update but VERY important new feature! The ability to temporarily leave a chat channel!

    • Added new /chat hide [channel], /chat show [channel] /chat toggle [channel] command
      These will temporarily hide/show a specific channel from being shown to you.
      Shortcuts /hchat, /schat, /tchat, /showchat, /hidechat added as shortcuts.

      EX: /chat hide T will hide the Town chat channel and you will not see the chat from Town

      This setting DOES NOT persists log out and must be done every time you login.
    • Fixed new voting rewards having Looting instead of Fortune enchant
    • Added a new /vote fixitem command - Use this if you have already earned one of the bugged voting items that has Looting instead of Fortune on tools to fix it yourself
    • Changed the Diamond Voters Hoe at Vote Bonus 90 to instead be an Iron Hoe with Fortune 1

      Use /vote fixitem to convert the Bugged Diamond Hoe to the new Fixed Iron Hoe.
    • Added a new Diamond Voters Hoe at Vote bonus 290 with Fortune 3.
    • Replaced some of the voters item tooltips on login to be the new items
    • Added Tokens to the Vote message notification of how many you earned.
    • Removed the warning about map hide on login.
    • Removed I Day Promo items from /shop
  2. Is there a way you could swap out my diamond hoe for an iron hoe? :p
    Read too quick >_>
  3. Simply type the /vote fixitem on it, I updated the OP with that info.

    Here is the Fix Command for anyone interested:
    Which I now see I forgot to finish typing the error message... Oh well, only you guys with bugged items will be bothering to issue it.
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  4. i just tried doing "@t message" it tells me the username is too short. Has there been any changes to the "@channel" features?
  5. Oops accidentally removed that thinking that code wasn't used. Will fix soon
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  6. Can we keep the "bugged" items? It confused me already, but they are still useful, right?
  7. If you really want to... Then don't type the command on them. but they are even more useful in the fixed state.