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    Hello all! About a couple months ago I was introduced to Linux. And quite frankly I am really big on it. Now I share the open-source glory with you as we delve into the world of Linux!

    How to Create A LiveUSB:
    This tutorial instructs you on how to create a LiveUSB, my preferred installation method. A LiveUSB is a USB drive that holds the Linux installation on it. Linux can be run off the LiveUSB and installed from there. When a partition is made changes can be saved to the USB, allowing for it to serve as a personal plug-and-play computer.

    How to Install Linux:
    Coming soon (should be self-explanatory however).
    Linux Mint

    Now as you probably figured out by now, Linux Mint is my favorite distro, and thus earned the Toaster Seal of Approval. Why is Linux Mint so good? The most popular distribution of Linux is Canonical's Ubuntu. Ubuntu is very friendly towards new users and has a large software library avalaible. This among other things makes it very desiarable, however, there is one trait of vanilla Ubuntu that is quite offputting.
    What you see there is the Unity interface, the GNOME 3 based UI of Ubuntu. If I had to say what I thought of it, I'd say it is an atrocity. The UI is only acceptable for tablets, and I doubt many people are putting Linux on their tablets. So along comes Linux Mint, and what does he look like?
    Well hello Wind- WHAAAAAT?!
    That is Linux Mint. It is just like Ubuntu, but it has the MATE interface. It is very similar to the Windows desktop, and that reason is why it earns the Toaster Seal of Approval.

    Lubuntu, Xubuntu

    External tutorials:
    How to install a .tar.gz file.

    Also, if you have any questions I'll be happy to try and answer them to the best of my ability.
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  2. so this is like a USB? or am I getting it wrong?(as always)
  3. Nope, Linux is an operating system, similar to Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X. However, it is very open source, and much less restrictive, while at the same time being more complicated to use until you get the hang of it. Most programmers use it.
  4. ok know I can understand that
    'I cant eat to big of a sandwich unless you squish it'(cant understand a lot unless you shorten it)
  5. That metaphor doesn't really make sense, but whatever floats your buoyant object.
  6. Updated with a Linux Mint overview!
  7. Toaster, I've got my eye on you.

    I'll be there when you start the uprising of the Linux Cult.