To whoever this regards: I'm going offline

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by copherfield, May 2, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow gamers,

    I'm going to be offline untill May the 10th.

    Last time i took a break from PC was because of my ISP and some issues with my pc, but now it's cause i got a field trip with my school partners and we will go for 7 days in a huge travel.

    I won't answer PM's during this time, i can't organize events, i can't organize colonies and i obviously can't even login into SKYPE to know what's going on.

    Admins: Please don't put the derelict policy over my residence (you may know why :p)
    Also, please don't forget about the past supporter contest, a few rupees during that time may boot up my $$

    To the Delta Team Players: Please check our forums

    To everyone that doenst know me:
    I love you.


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  2. You might want to send a PM to Icecreamcow to tell him to pause your lot's derelict policy in case he doesn't see this thread.
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  3. Its been awhile since we bickered. Now it will be even longer.
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  4. I'm looking forward to see what the skype chat is like when you are gone xD
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  5. Smart people does smart stuff, the rest do the rest.
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  6. You have no idea how much this amused me.
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  7. Which is none of my interest.
  8. Well seeing how you replied shows some interest. Stop making spam threads.
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  9. Sorry, i should have made a thread that's interesting for at least 30 people at EMC, i believe i'm a bad person for telling something that matters to a whole community of more than 90 interested persons.
    I will now go to a corner and cry for my bad attitude.
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  10. I think a bad attitude is a understatement.
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  11. Don't cry. I hate crying. It makes me all teary-eyed.
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  12. Ok just because you say so ill just keep with my life and forget a random person that keeps looking forward for insults and flame wars.
  13. I believe the title should be "To whomever this regards:...":) If I'm wrong, please tell me:)
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  14. Oh, I have found a fellow grammar nazi! It is a pleasure to meet you, good sir.
  15. Im sorry, as stated before my native language it's not english, which complicates stuff, thanks for correcting me it helps me for the next time i use such word :D
    EDIT: now im lost :S
  16. She looks forward to it because you don't just ignore her. I bet if you didn't respond ONE time, she would stop, but you don't. Thats why everyone thinks its hilarious when you try to make some smart comeback in response to her trolling.
  17. I don't get the point, i think we are between grown-up people here, it's not like "she started first" or whatever, just don't insult/troll people hoping for them to insult you and start a flame war and everything will be all right.

    Now, i'm ok with a thread lock (which will happen as soon as a mod sees this i think) but i do care about a ban for "troubles in forums" (which has happened before) The answer for any insult/negative comment or negative concept in here will be this from now on:
    I don't care.
  18. Just DONT RESPOND TO HER. You are acting like a child, stop initiating the flame war, when she is requesting one! You're not the better person for responding to her.
  19. Well my first post was a joke... Just saying.
  20. Its ok, ill send SWM to the princbles