To use or not to use minecarts & rails in the waste?

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To use or not to use rails in the waste.

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Use 6 vote(s) 100.0%
Not use 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello nuttyknight42 here. Here another question, should one setup up a minecart rails as there are mining in the waste. Supposedly the minecarts can bring back other materials that you supposedly don't stuffed in your ender chest.

    I realized that the waste is not a place to build things in and I'm not talking about a well thought out design railway. Just a quick and dirty rail track from the waste spawn to wherever you end up mining to.

    And when they announced it you have to mine up the tracks by hand/pickaxe. Water buckets don't wash track away anymore.

    What do you the player think?
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  2. Go ahead and use 'em, why wouldn't you? The whole "The waste is not for building" message is just so people can't get upset when the things they build in the waste are eventually reset.
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  3. Yeah, I'm not really into the EMC economy, but I think that it would be worth it even if you don't gather the rails back, as long as you use them a lot. And it certainly makes travelling less tedious. :)
  4. They will be protected under the Anti-Grief, so it should be fine for you to place out there in the wastelands
  5. Yeah, but the Wastelands are regularly reset (or at least they're supposed to be), so you could lose them that way.
  6. Very true about the waste resets, they usually give us a heads up so you could theoretically just use the same tracks every waste.
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  7. I would set up a rail, it's actually a great idea. My concern would be in how do you secure the items that are waiting for you near the waste outpost. Even though 99.9% of players respect other's items there could be that one player taking items.
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  8. I wouldn't recommend just leaving the minecarts around I would say empty them every night or every play session. Maybe when you fill three Minecraft chest plus your inventory put the most valuable stuff in ender chest / shocker boxes
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  9. Still can benefit from gathered resources since the wastelands reset bi-yearly :wheeze: