To the older members, does any of you know what this was ?

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  1. While browsing for EMC videos on your favourite video hosting site, I've stumbled upon this :

    While it may not hold anything other than sentimental value (some of you may recognize some names like darkmajor, Dark_Liz, GameKribJim or drathjosh), I got my attention caught by something: if you skip to 1:28, you'll see them travelling in a Wild city. It caught my eye because I happen to have visited it in November 2011, when it was already abandonned and partly scoured (it's only in the video that I realized that the destroyed building used to be the airship seen at 2:24). Getting there in the first place was a pain, as it required one to travel South accross a large stretch of water and then reach the mountains after a long walk.

    For those of who were there at the time, do you remember who built and dwelled in it ? (I assume drathjosh was among the builders as he is listed in the credits).

    And if you have pictures of it, it would be awesome if you could share them here too.:)
  2. I believe a friend took me their once but I took no screen shots due to my lack of knowledge on how to take screenshots (I know how to now)
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  3. Says in the description:
    makers of the top 3 creations:
    user rykis -- skytower
    user Dark_liz and drathjosh -- skycastle
    user NurseKillJoy -- parthanon
    user JustinGuy -- pyramid
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  4. it doesnt exist anymore since the full wild reset in spring 2012
  5. You don't say :p But this place was huge, and the castle/tower/airship were only in a first section. There was also a long walkway that led to a desert section.

    And that is exactly why I went ther in the first place after I discovered it on the livemap, to keep a record.
  6. So that was what the pool was…
    I feel so young…>.>
  7. Ermahgerd I made this video! It was a failed attempt at an EMC spotlight that I made a while back on my old Youtube account.
    EDIT: Reading the rest of the description, I realize I edited it at a time when I had different opinions about EMC (although now Empire has gotten a lot better in my current opinion).
  8. The town spawn is SOOO noobish compared to what it is now.
  9. Figured it was you since it was T6LERC so I was like hmmm.... lol
  10. t6ler was already taken... so t6lerc, C being the first letter of my last name.
  11. ou started EMC the day after it was created?!
  12. More like a week. /p is kinda buggy with older players.
  13. Wow can't believe how old some of that stuff is.
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  14. Looking back at another video I posted before I posted this one, it shows the Empire pool, which doesn't exist anymore. I believe a number of drop parties were hosted there, sometimes by GameKribJEREMY and JustinGuy. Good times...

  15. Which pixel are we talking about here? I count 25.
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  16. I filmed both videos on my potato/old laptop, so high resolution wasn't a choice :p. Now both videos are more of a record of old times, like a documentary of Empire in its early days
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  18. I remember the empire pool, haha , man good times
  19. Ahh the old days! I miss them :) Good memories :D
  20. I feel like that thing has been around for eons, and I seem to be right. Interesting video!