To all the redstone people out there

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  1. Hey again guys and gals! So to all the redstone finatics and geniuses, I am looking to have a super fast and efficient obsidian generator built for me. Let me know if you are interested in building one for me and we can discuss payments via private message :) thanks again for your time.
  2. No such thing as an fast obsidian generator. Haste II will be your good friend, and use string. Look up a tutorial and youtube of one that uses string, and then alter it to use dispensers and make it longer.
  3. I have tried youtube already...could not find one that i understood :p thats why im asking a player to build me a decent one that generates obsidian fast ;)
  4. I don't think you understand obsidian generators.. They're ALL the same exact speed. The only factor really is how good your pickaxe is. The way that ALL obsidian generators work is that you place redstone/string in a certain area and lava turns the string/redstone into obsidian. So you actually trade string/redstone for obsidian. Then you just mine it up with eff V pickaxe and haste II beacon. That being said, there's no point in buying a super fancy one since they're all literally same speed.
  5. It's the same thing. Any obsidian generator can support both by just having the user place it down.
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  6. Yeah in accordance with what everyone says, you have to manually do some parts like placing the fuel and mining. So you can't have a FAST generator just a FAST way of mining the obsidian.
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  7. Nope, I have some string designs that will not support redstone dust. Don't assume you know best ;)
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  8. Majority of designs support both ways. Not sure why'd you want a string only design; it's only a disadvantage.
  9. Thought this was going to be a musical tribute to the people that are good with red stone....

    On another hand
    String is much easier to get, and if you know you won't be using red stone, I don't see why it would be a disadvantage
  10. Right, but if it's easy to support redstone then why not? You might find yourself using it someday. I know that I use redstone because I have craptons of it. It's not easy for me to get string, but my design can also supporter string should I need to use it. It's super compact and simple too.
  11. wow.... Pointless arguing to save face :)

    Anyway... I can build an obsidian generator for you. And as people said, you can use either string or redstone. You place the string/redstone down a line with dispensers above to drop lava on it when you hit a button. Then mine the obsidian and repeat.

    There are designs that use only string, and hookwires to deactivate lava. Believing that it's faster/safer when dealing with lava. :) but it really makes no difference. Safety and speed wise.

    To increase the speed at which you can do this, a long line of obsidian is easiest to mine quickly. Hence you'd build the generator in a long line. So I'd recommend investing in heaps of dispensers, lava buckets, and restone/repeaters.

    How much you want to pay for this?
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  12. Well i would like it in a line about 10 blocks long an if possible 2 blocks high. If you supply materials i would pay 7k
  13. I could do that if you want. I have the design ready to go. As soon as smp1 is online I could build it for you. (Just need to check mine because there's 2 repeaters in the design that I forgot the settings for)
  14. False u can use a wither to break obsidian
  15. Hmmm alright...later tonight i will give you perms on my 3rd res :) pm me for details
  16. He wants it in town, plus that's 9k cost just to break some obsidian plus the wither can despawn. Deffo don't want to do this.
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  17. hmm true wasn't thinking sorry
  18. All built, tested, and in working condition. Let me know if you get any problems ;)
  19. I just got one...i forget to put down string :p can you fix it please? lol, now i know what to do