To all the "Griefers"

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  1. My zombie farm was recently griefed. They found it (somehow) and broke the most vital things. There was nothing expensive in there, and it actually was quite efficient. This post isn't for me to cry like a baby that I was griefed, its just to ask why? Why grief? I'm mean seriously, what do you get out of it? The satisfaction of seeing yourself ruin someone else's hard work? I just don't understand. (And there were about 14 signs all around the saying "Don't grief or you will be banned", which they broke :p)
    Like this post if you dislike griefers. Spread the word to end griefing now. Reply below if you had any experiences with griefers.
  2. Outposts are good targets for most griefers, I wouldn't let anybody join a outpost if they were permabaned for griefing
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  3. If you haven't already, make sure to PM the details of this to staff so we can work to catch the ones responsible :)
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  4. Have you PM'd a staff member about it? I'm pretty sure they can find the griefer and punish them :)
    I also cannot understand griefers why they destroy other peoples work...
    I hope it does not stop you from enjoying emc :)
  5. I have messaged ISMOOCH and I still haven't heard back. Maybe he's AFK?
  6. I have been on EMC for more than 2 years, I won't let on bad experience ruin my time on EMC :)
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  7. He's not online right now
  8. Ah, he was just on :p
  9. There was a problem with griefers yesterday too :/ i don't know how close you are to their outpost could have been the same people...

    My little cousin would go on servers and grief (hes like 12, I use his character for my alt on here xD) I asked him why and he said "cuz its funny!" pretty much 90% of griefers are kids that have no life, they never build anything for themselves and instead go and ruin other peoples creations because they seem to find it funny how upset and down people get......
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  10. The thing to do is not let the griefers get to you. If you make a big fuse about it, they're just gonna wanna do it more. To get more of a reaction from you the next time, to make it more "funny".

    Edit: I know I'm kind of contradicting my post :p
  11. I dont understand why people would grief, I had a base on smp9 I had a dubble blaze grinder and someone found me and destroyed it.
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  12. Wow, you have beat my griefed experience XD Sorry someone would do that, after all that hard work :/ It sucks
  13. those people need to be banned!
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  14. Smooch was afk'ing on smp8 for a couple of hours. Try messaging one of the other mods.
  15. Forever, I agree.
  16. I have one word: anger. This is the main reason I've seen people grief. People grief because they have experienced hardships, and for some unexplainable reason, want others to share the same sentiment. I absolutely despise griefing with a burning passion, and I strongly believe those who partake in it are headed down the wrong path. It's pretty much cyberbullying if you think about it. Here's an example:
    1. One individual--let us use Bob as our antagonist--experiences a hardship or other tragic event.
    2. Bob feels mixed emotions about himself and the world
    3. Bob wants to exact revenge on some unknown entity
    4. Bob spams obsidian blocks on another Minecraft player's house.
    And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are millions of reasons why people grief, none of which are justified in my opinion.

    Now, on to experiences... I can't say I've witnessed griefing on EMC (a fact for which I am incredibly grateful), but on another server, there have been several instances of griefing, one of which I remember quite clearly.

    It all began on a warm summer day. People were being themselves, felling trees, taming animals, and other things. All of a sudden, I see this fat wall of text appear in the chat:

    STTTTTOOOOP GRIEEEEFINNNNG MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! (The message has been truncated significantly to avoid violating rules)

    As a staff member, I politely try to talk to the speaker (whose name will not be mentioned). He responds with more incoherent walls of text, and I kick him, because I can't understand anything he says. I assume it's nothing, but then another player says "Yeah, _____ why did you do all this? That's stupid!" Now I'm a bit more awake. I teleport to the first player (who had logged back on), and am greeted by a marvelous sight. Lava pours down a shoddy wooden house. Spiders crawl all over the place. Dirt towers surround the property, and I see another player, the griefer, running around creating more towers. I didn't even bother asking why, I just banned the griefer instantly.

    I don't know what was going through his head, nor do I want to know, but I do know that griefing on any level is immoral, regardless of how angered or stressed you are. If you have problems, talk it out rather than resorting to actions that will get you banned. That is precisely why ICC's excellent (albeit outdated) "Have an Issue?" thread exists!

    Well, I hope some people get something out of this.

    Eversores patiantur!!! (May the destroyers suffer!)
  17. Sometimes it's hard to determine if someone has been banned for griefing if they have already appealed/not well-known. If you don't know that they have, you can ask them, but there's always the chance they can lie and say they haven't, I also don't think you can ask staff because I don't think they're allowed to give that information out? Correct me if I'm wrong guys.

    I have been in outposts where people joined, came all the way to the outpost, then after several days turned around and griefed the place.

    ^ This. For some reason they get enjoyment out of watching you rage. Also our cousin is not the brightest crayon in the box. He asked for OP on SMP5.
  18. These people should be Jailed IRL
  19. Never griefed, never been griefed.
  20. What led you to that conclusion?