TNT Exchange!

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  1. I have a stack and 2 blocks of TNT, I have no absolute use for them. I am planning to trade one TNT block for 5 sulphur. If you are interested please contact me!

    1 TNT = 5 Sulphur

    TNT Left: 66 Blocks
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  2. You're smart, the price of gunpowder is set to rise with the firework update.
  3. Funny enough... I came here for the exact reason you came here... you were 26 minutes faster...
  4. Anyone interested?

    You'll save some sand :)
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  5. I am interested. I can change a stack of sulphur
  6. Where should we meet? A stack of sulphur will get you 12 TNT blocks. Since 64 is not divisible by 5.
  7. Give me time to get the sulphur. I have a creeper spawn. Maybe on monday i can have it. I had 6 stacks and a guy came today and bought me all (1 for 8r)
  8. As long as its before New Year's Eve. I'm planning to setup a big show.
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  9. Yes I will be on soon.
  10. Hmm, fireworks.
    Nice idea.
  11. I have the stack of sulphur
  12. I just bought sulfur at the shop for 5k. What a waste tho:oops:
  13. That'sssss ssssome niccceeeeeee TNT you have there... It would be a sssshame| Oh wait we killed all the creepers to get the sulphur :p
  14. Just saying, if you're planning a big show, you'll need a Creeper Face Firework.
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  15. Who needs that? I'm using synchronization.