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  1. Hi everyone! I'm Shadowment, and I just started playing here. I always like to have friends when joining a server, so I figured I'd post here to give you all an idea as to who I am. :)

    My name is Connor, and I'm twenty-years-old. I'm a film major in college, and an avid gamer of nearly all genres of games. I started playing games when I was four-years-old and couldn't read, with my first game actually being Pokemon Red, which is where I started to learn and practice reading.

    I've played Minecraft for about five years now and have been an admin on two servers, a mod on another, and a Gym Leader on a large Pixelmon server. I have decent architecture skills (designing spawn zones for smaller servers), and hope to be of use to a town here, and maybe even settle down there. :)

    Well, that's about all I really care to put otherwise people may not even read this. If you ever see me online, give me a shoutout! I'd love be friends. ^^ See you all in-game!
  2. Well I can tell you that, YOURE AMAZING! I love film too! and Pokemon stuff and have played pixelmon! You gotta come Mumble sometime! EMC has one! Please any questions , ask away! :DD there is also a wiki for every question you may have as well.
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  3. Hi. I like your face.

    That is all.
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  4. Welcome man :)
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  5. I like you already because of this. This is basically how its been for me, too :p

    Welcome to EMC :D
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  6. Welcome! :D
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  7. Welcome to the Empire Shadowment. Enjoy your stay.:)
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  8. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  9. Welcome! I hope you love this server like I do.
    If you like vanilla minecraft, this is the place for you!
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  10. Well, you seem pretty darn awesome. Welcome to the Empire! I hope that you stay here for many days to come, as you already seem like you're going to become a mature, well-respected member of our community. So, uh, yeah, welcome! :D
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  11. Welcome to EMC, nice to meet ya!
    Mmmm Pokemon Red. I remember ye ole black and white gameboys, and the original pokemon.
    In fact, I remember going out and purchasing the gameboy, kirbys dreamland, and I think Pokemon Blue new...

    Cool that video games helped read, as I used Halo to help my son read.

    Anyhoo, see you around!
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  12. Being alive when the Gameboy came out... I wish I were as old as you :3 (or older)
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