Title showing up in the wrong color?

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  1. Hey all. =)

    I noticed today, by doing /staff, that the majestic MrSocks75 was on Utopia! So, to see who else was online, my instincts led me to do /who utopia. I then noticed this:
    Notice how Socks' name is in the same color as the regular writing? (&b color code).

    I just wanted to make sure this wasn't just me that was seeing this. :)

  2. Noticed this a long time ago, but was always too lazy to say anything. It was the official color for a while, but Aikar changed it.
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  3. #SocksBrokeIt
  4. It's because Aikar was dumb when he moved it over. Sock's group used to be the old "Staff" one (think amadai). It only got renamed in some places. >_<
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  5. No no no... #ChinBrokeit
    It's #SocksHackedit =P
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  6. Ah, I see. =) It just bugs me wildly to see his name in bright blue paired with another blue font.
  7. Shouldn't matter much anyway, considering Socks' name is gonna be green again soon (He's still gonna be a dev, just a dark green one).
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  8. I had it glitch a couple days ago and socks flat didn't show up....at all. No clue how it happened or if it wasn't a client side issue.
  9. Since socks became developer, they maybe haven't changed the color yet.