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  1. Do you want to start a shop but you need a good location? Are you looking for the perfect res number? Maybe I can help! I make a business out of claiming residences to sell them to whoever wants to buy them. Me and my alts roam the towns of empire minecraft on a quest to find the perfect residence numbers.

    These are the residences we have for sale at the moment

    13331 (smp6) - 150.000r - Flower forest biome!!!
    15551 (smp7) - 125.000r
    8900 (smp4) - 100.000r
    4555 (smp2) - 100.000r
    11001 (smp5) - 75.000r

    Not interested in buying a residence? If you help me find a residence I want to claim you will get 10% of the value of the residence, once it’s sold.

    If you are interested in buying a residence, please contact me in a private message, do you want to negotiate about the price? That’s possible, just contact me.

    Do you have any suggestions or remarks about my business, just leave them below.
    I hope to do business with you soon,
  2. It's now also possible to sell one of your residences through me!!!
    Do you have a residence you would like to sell? Send me a message and I'll sell it for you on this thread. For this service I ask a 5 percent fee off the selling price.
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  3. You might want to state the maximum amount of residences the players can buy :p
  4. Do you mean the maximum amount of residence a player can have at a time?
    Because as far as I'm concerned, players can buy as many residences as they want :) I am not selling the admin flag to the residence, I am selling the residence, as in unclaiming it so the buyer can claim it.
  5. I mean a player might want to buy all the residences available =P slim chances of that but it could happen.
  6. If that is the case that's fine by me, anyone can buy as many residences as they want, as long as I get paid. ;)
  7. This is great! :eek:
  8. I could sell you a corner res
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  9. what's the number?
  10. Cucumber! *laughs and own joke for 5 minutes*
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  11. new locations now available!!!
  12. Cool business you got there! good luck !

    just saying that being a flower biome doesn't make the res special... as you can change it with tokens or rupees...
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  13. Rupees are no longer valid for biome changes, as I was told by SS when trying to get five of them. I'd say being able to buy a residence with a biome that was previously changed with tokens is fairly valuable. :]
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  14. Nice business ya got! Have fun with it.
  15. How much would you pay for 1234 on smp1?
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  16. Have a red on smp2?