'Tis a Sad Day {True Story}

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Have you ever seen/heard of this wearable dirt?

Poll closed Feb 22, 2015.
Yes 3 vote(s) 15.8%
No 9 vote(s) 47.4%
I shall take it upon myself to find out more! 7 vote(s) 36.8%
  1. I was having a blast at the flower field event today just minutes ago. I got a stack of tulips and even a special tulip! However, I also got something especially strange from RainbowChin: a block of dirt. This was weird and special dirt. It said on top: Dirt. And on Bottom in the special item's gold and bold: Wearable Dirt Right Click To Wear. However, this dirt was unwearable. So, I asked the one who dropped it about it. To my shock, RainbowChin took it away, and said it wasn't meant for players. So, I now have only a memory of that special item.

    I may have won an awesome bounty, but I still wonder about that dirt. I fear it may haunt me... I shall miss you wearable dirt, I shall miss you...
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  2. Yeah, what rainbow giveth he can taketh away :confused:

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  3. can't believe RainbowChin took that away from you... for shame!
  4. I guess.... Still makes me sad...
    I feel like that, but what can a non admin do...
  5. Bribe another admin? #simonwillfixit

  6. Flower Field Event?
  7. What? How would that even work?
  8. Oh yeah, there was a field of flowers, and the goal was to get the named ones. I got one of them and a prize for getting it.
  9. When was that?
  10. Just about an hour ago on SMP 1 at /v flowerfield. It was a very interesting event!
  11. I got a spawned in piston from rainbow once.. then it was removed :(
    Btw - Someone got Aikar's armor in PVP once :p
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  12. It probably wouldn't ;)

    My guess: find out what Simon really likes, give him lots of stuff, then ask "can I wear dirt pls?" ;)

    Highly offtopic, but... nah, can't hurt: "Someone" (not here) once gave me a nice "chicken suit" so that I eventually ended up wearing (raw) chickens ;)

    If you can wear chickens you can also wear dirt ;)
  13. What I love rainbow voted the last one...
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  14. Yeah, it is funny, but that means he agrees with it though.... :'( I shall miss my wearable dirt... *sniffle sniffle
  15. I bet this 'wearable dirt' will be featured in a fashion show or something...I volunteer as tribute to model this 'wearable dirt.'
  16. IDK RainbowChin said it wasn't meant (like at all) for players to have... :'(