Tired of Default Mojang Jukebox Records?

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  1. Hello EMC,
    Recently, I've been listening to a lot of classical music and it got me thinking if there was a way to replace jukebox record music using some sort of resource pack. It turns out this is possible and I've now made a resource pack to replace most of the music the jukebox makes! You can find the full spreadsheet of the music that is different [here].


    1. Follow the download link from dropbox and download the zip file.
    2. Unzip the .zip file and put the folder into the resourcepack folder that should be in your minecraft folder.
    3. In-game, you are going to want to put the jukebox resource pack on top of all your other resource packs in case they have their own jukebox records.
    Download link [Here from dropbox]!
    EDIT: New Version available! Click [this] download link to get it (I've also changed the download link in the original post)!

    • New icon for resource pack

    • Added the names of the actual pieces to the records. Now, when you have the texture pack, you should be able to see the names of the classical pieces instead of the name of the default record (e.g. mellohi or stal)
    That's all for now!
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  2. Finally the biebs can be played in Minecraft for all to hear!
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