Tips on Minimizing Lag on your Res

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  1. So I know the tip of not having a bunch of animals. I have no animals anywhere on my res, yet I still have players stating my res is laggier than others. I'm at 18648 on smp9 and I'm looking for tips.

    I do have a lot of torches underground, could that do it?
    My res is a huge shop with a ton of chests, could that do it?

    looking for help!
  2. Reduce your render distance. Thatll do :)
  3. But render distance only alters the player's lag, it doesn't influence lag on another person.
  4. Signs and chests would probably do it..
  5. yeah it doesn't lag for me at all... but other players say that my res lags more than other res' do so i wanted to ensure it was nothing i was doing
  6. i'm not fishing for sales but if anyone wants to go to my res and see if it lags for them

    i'm thinking about cutting down on the chests and signs to see if that helps but i know some other res's that have a TON of chests and signs and no one complains about their lag
  7. If it is caused by signs, there is a mod to fix that issue, but I don't know if it's updated yet. It could be a res around you. I know the res across from me lags. but that's because he has giant 60x60 farms all the way going down his res.
  8. Huge shop = lagg because of signs.

    Alot of torches = lagg because of the particles (correct if I spellled it wrong) there comes out from torches. You should swap the torches with glowing pumpkins or glowstone, that might help you. And with the signs there is a mod made for that :p
  9. Another thing that iv heard that doesn't seem to be as wildly known is flowing water can cause lag. I think that's a contributing factor at my res (1215 on smp1) cause I have a long waterfall design I based off a place in the real world.

    Before the update I actually swooped out a lot of torches underground and such with glowing pumpkins then the update came before I knew it and my res was apparently even more laggy. I am planning on fixing it some more soon when I have the time.
  10. Not for me, with my comp I have faster fps on far than tiny.
  11. People Egged My res. :(
  12. Free chickens for you!!!!
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  13. Signs, chests, paintings, vines, animals, flowers/grass, snow, rain, flowing water.. Anything that can move, really.

    Another problem could be that your neighbors could have a giant farm, and that could be lagging your shoppers. :p
  14. Well I do have lava and water all over my res... hmmm.