[TIPS] How to Protect Your Outpost

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  1. (I think this post makes the most sense in this Sub-Forum)
    Do you worry about griefers getting your base?
    These helpful tips will help you minimize the chances that your base will be found.[
    1.) When searching for a suitable area, do /map hide.
    This feature will make it impossible for people to find your player location. This is helpful for keeping your outpost hidden on the live map.
    2.) Travel out far.
    Use the live map (smp(number).emc.gs) to locate suitable areas for your outpost. Make it in the black areas of the map because these areas have not yet been spawned.
    The closer to spawn you build your base, the less distance others will have to travel to get to your base.
    3.) Use natural surroundings to your advantage.
    If you build closer to spawn, and above ground, it will not hurt to make your building look like hills, or mountains. Place grass or sand on your roof, so if someone uses top-down view on the map, it will be harder to locate. The mountain theory is for people using surface view, and then the person looking on the map will see a mountain, and not a building, and lessen the chances of your base becoming a target.
    4.) Do not give out your location to anyone you do not trust. By making an area "public" there will be many people who give out the location, and then there is a higher chance of griefers coming and raiding the base.
    5.) Apply for your base to become an established outpost.

    (Got any tips that I missed? Post them Below and I will add them to this list.)
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  2. Another tip, keep the GRIP thread bookmarked :p
  3. If you do build a nether rail or other transportation system, hide the entrance well. Fake griefing is great for this. Also for hidden entrances, it's safer to just replace a single block each time, than it is to setup a large hidden redstone door. Keep the entrance to your rail as small as you can and don't use torches (in nether side) as it can attract attention.

    I just want to re-iterate number 4. Right now secrecy is the ONLY form of Land Protection in EMC frontier. Send people screenshots all you want, but don't take anyone out unless you really know them well or have time to keep an eye on them :)