TIL: ISMOOCH's Password

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  1. To get Smooch's passwords.

    Step 1: Get a Baby
    Step 2: Punch it
    Step 3: Observe
    Step 4: Interpret and try numbers 1-9 and add '!'
  2. This is based on true fact and video proof.
  3. Make this your moderator account and your other account just a regular well known :D
  4. I'm so confused ._.'

    The punching a baby is slightly worrying
    But the fact that Jack has video proof worries me even more...
  5. This is not my account.. I know everyone wishes it was... but its not. This person is a fraud. Do not fall for their tricks.
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  6. See, someone's got his password using this method, and is posting lies with it!
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  7. Embrace it
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  8. But the name...
    It fits so well, has quite a nice ring to it actually
    SassySmooch :p
  9. I think this is ICC, just acting like its a player...

    But seriously, i dont no who this is...
  10. It is better that way.
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  11. I guess so... :p
  12. My guess is Faithcaster.
  13. Smooch, don't try to fool me!
  14. We all know it's you.
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  15. Including the logs.