Thursday Night Miners [10.12.2015]

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  1. Hosted By: Dramanya

    Thursday Night Mining
    5pm EMC time 10pm GMT

    Tonight will be cold... so bring a jacket.
    I also recommend bringing a horse for the ride

    This is a total RIPOFF from Friday Night Miners, but thats ok.

    This is a Peaceful event, there are no prizes or competitions. just you, and a few(many) other people grouping up for a little mining adventure

    Who: Anyone and everyone is invited to join. no matter your experience level in-game or out, you will have fun with us.

    What: just mining, its that simple. no PvP, no competition, just a expedition for resources, and an excuse to get out of town

    Where: the server location, and the exact location will be broadcast right before the event start.

    When: this event is held at 5Pm, EMC time. and usually goes for adound 2-4 hours each run. so feel free to join anytime.

    Why? For the fun!

    Things to remember:
    • You need to bring your own gear (tools, armor, food etc). We will not supply you. (Though the community does a great job of supporting each other during these events.)
    • Bring extra food to share with other players. It's a nice thing to do!
    • If our trip takes us to the Nether you may want to bring cobble to build a small shelter.
    • All EMC rules still apply.
    • I will add more here as we do more of these events.
    Don't forget Mumble
    I use Mumble (Click here for info) during these events as talking is easier and funnier to do then typing. So feel free to join the growing Mumble community (at any time really-I may be on right now) during this event.

    This event is instead of FNM that usually is on Fridays
  2. December 12, 2015
    Server & World
    Wastelands outpost
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  3. Great!
  4. Mob arena, and this too!? Oh heck yeah!
  5. Get your picks ready... :D
  6. ill try to be there! :cool:...eighth! :D
  7. Nub and yay!
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  8. I'm ready ... Oh, I'm ready.
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  9. Oh Yes!!! i can't stand waiting EVERY friday :)

    Lets Get our mining on :) muahahahah!!!!!!!
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  10. Thursday will Be a lot better time for me. :)
  11. Kewl new thing :3
  12. Count me there :D
  13. Ill try to make it.
  14. Wasn't around for this unfortunately but will definitely come when I can. Next week won't work either :(
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  15. I had no idea it was now Thurday Night Miners!! :confused::mad:

    Well, I'll have to be there next week.

  16. Op says that this is a total rip off of fnm. Not that fnm is being replaced by it. I think fnm is still going too
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  17. I couldn't find word of it in-game or on the forums so I assumed it wasn't happening. In the meantime, though, I did EffinBatman's dig event, which was fun.
  18. every once in a while. FNM changes to TNM, for the pure sake of giving some one who cant attend on fridays an chance to live the beauty and awesomeness that is FNM.

    FNM will be next friday the 14th.

    you can keep up with my ever changing event's in :)