#throwback Start of Chin's singing career

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  1. As I was getting ready to delete a bunch of videos on my youtube channel I realized I couldn't delete this gem and had to bring it back to the surface. ;)
    If you want me to delete this video Chin let me know m8

  2. Now we just need to get him to rap

    "Rap God" - Eminem. DO IT CHIN!
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  3. Get him to sing rappers delight by the sugar hill gang :O
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  4. Excuse me, my ears are bleeding. I'll be back in a few mins.
    [EDIT] dat chin "what do you sayyyyyyy" doe
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  5. Willing to collab w/ Chin on this one, love that song :p
  6. Oh lord. lol. send meh the video when you get it down lel xD
  7. Lol. The best. ;)
  8. Fake! Chin's a girl. :p
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  9. Actually... he only uses a female skin, but he's not a girl himself :)

    But I do wonder as well... The video mentions Chin and all but I can't help wonder where it came from? For all I know this could just as well be you singing there Samsim ;)
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  10. Fistpump
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  11. Don't give up your day job Chin. :p
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  12. I... I know, but there used to be a thing where Chin would just get asked constantly whether or not he was a girl due to his skin.
  13. A while ago Mr. Jackbiggin did a karoake event on mumble (which needs to be a thing again) and everyone would just take a song suggestion or give one of their own and sing it followed with people voting on who did the "best" :p

    This is Chin's Britains got Talent audition actually ;)
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  14. This was interesting?
  15. This is great and all, but no one has answered Chin's question yet. What DOES the fox say?
  16. ring-ding-ding-rap-ding-ding-rap-god-dingeringding
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  17. I saw this on YouTube not so long ago, this is amazing. It's been on my favourites for a while, for very good reason! :rolleyes:
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