Three years in the making.

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Does anybody remember me from three, four years ago?

Yes, I remember you vaguely/well 2 vote(s) 8.7%
No, not at all, I was not around/do not remember. 21 vote(s) 91.3%
  1. Hello, I am Byron, Donal, which ever you prefer. I have been on the empire for three years yet I have never introduced myself. Over the time, I have had a LOT of growing up to do. I have never had as much fun playing on a minecraft server as this group of them. And frankly, none will ever be the same. Three years in the making, I am here. I have been here. I am a carpenter, I work for low pay under my fathers guidance, and I hope to some day take after him, and make a life for myself. I play videogames on the side, and some day I hope to get to know you all. It is a pleasure. I used to play on what I think was smp5. I built a giant cobblestone castle and as I was younger, I played with champ7102. I wonder if anybody remembers me?
  2. Welcome! 3 years is a long time :). Glad to see you back!
  3. Technically I was never truly here. This is my first post in the forums.
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  4. Welcome, and congrats on the three year mark! :) Glad you decided to make your first post.
  5. Welcome to the forums Byron.
  6. Welcome to getting on the forums, nice to meet ya!
    Woo on three years!
    So... what do you make out of wood?
    Favorite tools to work with?
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  7. O hai Byron don't mind me and dis bad grammar.
  8. It is nice to see someone else who joined around the time I did. Welcome to the forums.
  9. Thank you everybody. I've been getting my hands dirty making a "cow hell" on smp7. What do I like to make with wood? I don't work with it too much but I make shelves, houses, animal pens, repair walls, floors, etc. I'm typically painting walls and what not though. If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn't. Yesterday I was tearing out some asbestos panels from the side of a 200 year old house. Heh, interesting things every day and yes, I wore a mask to protect myself.
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  10. hhahah i used to play 3 years ago now me and ma friends are coming back to play again oh the feels!
  11. asbestos aint so bad when its not too dry and not too wet. i run into it now and again in the plumbing industry
  12. Ah, you do? I can't believe that stuff is still legal to use at all, too be honest. It has its uses still though I suppose. More durable than some things, but still not safe to use. I do light plumbing once in a while.
  13. Wait. Asbestos (wow, that spelling xD) is actually a legal building material where you live? :eek:
    I definitely don't know you, but that's obvious. Firstly, I wasn't around yet, three years ago, and secondly, I'm mostly a forum guy, so there's a chance I wouldn't have met you yet, even if you hadn't gone inactive.
  14. lool im the only one that remebers him i remeber talking to you at the spawn and u gave me a sign and tooold me how to do stuff
  15. Oh, really? What was I helping you with? Haha, good to know someone recalls my name.
  16. i was a really newby guy then and you told me how to make a shop and how to get a plot of land and stuff
  17. Oh my, I'm just older than you by a few days. Almost lost my title there. :p. Welcome back to EMC!
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  18. Hi Byron... I wasn't around 3 yrs ago, but I'm glad to know you now! Welcome to the forums.
  19. Thank you everyone.