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  1. Hey EMC!

    It's my first thread in a while and I was thinking about doing a little project for you guys! Unfortunately this does not mean I am coming back to EMC, just that I'm engaging in a project. I was thinking that I would release an issue every week, maybe a Sunday in Australia which is a Saturday in America :)

    The Idea:

    I'll keep this nice and short for you guys, I was thinking of starting a newspaper and in each issue I would cover things like;
    Empire News (not going into a lot of detail)
    Empire Events (including the time, date and location)
    A new player section (those that post in the introduce yourself thread will be added each week)
    Public Member Events (events that will be held by public members)
    Financial Advice (where I talk about everything financial going on and what you should do)
    Advertising (if a player wants their business/service advertised I will do so for a very small fee)
    The Biggest Auction's of the Week (I mention some interesting auctions including details)
    Special Interviews (I interview a community member e.g. Kryssy and talk to her about her job at EMC, and I may even ask for you guys to send in questions for me to ask the special guest!)

    I Want Your Feedback!

    If I'm going to go through with this I need 100% community backing! So tell me what you think, what else I should cover!

    Thank you so much for reading and if this get's enough community support I may have the first issue out by this coming Monday AEST.
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  2. I have no idea what you mean by "community support," but anything that encourages reading is getting my approval.
    What sort of form do you envision this "newspaper" taking though? Ingame book, forum post, other...?
  3. Well by "community support" I need to know that people are going to actually get the "newspaper" and I won't just be doing this for no reason, and it will be an in game book. :)
  4. There's been plenty of attempts at an Empire Newspaper in the past, and they've all failed, so I'm going to make some suggestions that may allow this to become a long standing weekly part of EMC :)
    • Speak to Kyrysy. She always has plenty of ideas and feedback you'll be able to take on board to make this great
    • Ask Aikar and Krysyy about automatically mailing this out to players. I personally see this as the only method that could actually work: A system in which:
      • You create a draft on the forums
      • Staff approve/proof read
      • It is mailed out automatically to all players on Saturday/Sunday morning
    • It would serve as a "catch-up" - summarising the week's going-ons on the forums and allowing people that aren't as active on the forums to still be involved and hopefully be encouraged to start taking part in the forums.
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  5. Good ideas, but would Aikar and Krysyy spend time on making sure the system works etc.? I was just thinking of making a lot of copies and selling it at my res for say 10 rupees.

    Thanks Alex!
  6. I don't think this system is plausible, and is for the most part the cause of none of these attempts actually working. But I'd be happy to help create it with you, so invite me if you do decide to send the purple people a message :)
  7. Alex, how did all in-game newspapers fail? I don't think the Inkstain failed yet.
  8. Some might not have failed, but I sure don't know what they're called, who makes them and where to get a copy if they haven't :p
  9. Just letting that the first issue of the EMC Times has been completed! It's basically just waiting for approval from the staff and I'll get it to you ASAP!
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  10. I think this sounds like a great idea! I will pay for advertising for my shop and would pay for a copy! :)
  11. I'm not sure whether to make it an in-game think or a forum thing, or both? What are your thoughts guys? And if anyone want's advertising please contact me via pm. :)
  12. Seems like a good idea :)
  13. Looked like a nice idea you come up with, what days would it be for uk?