Thought I'd Share Somethin' Fun of A Poem Called "Rain"

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  1. Aoi_Kaigara's "Rain"

    I wish I was rain.
    So I could touch someone’s skin,
    And feel what they feel.

    I wish I was rain.
    The soothing sound of its voice
    Calls for one to play.
    I wish I was rain.
    The soothing touch as it falls
    On top of my face.
    I wish I was rain.
    As it touches my own skin
    And feels what I feel.

    I wish I was rain.
    So I could fall in puddles
    And make a large flood.
    I wish I was rain.
    So my flood could wash away
    The fears of children.
    I wish I was rain.
    So the children play with me.
    Play in my puddles.

    I wish I was rain.
    A rainbow could form from me
    ...And a bit of light.
    I wish I was rain.
    I could get along with light
    And form a beauty.
    I wish I was rain.
    In movies it’s a sad sight.
    A real life beauty.
    I wish I was rain.
    To satisfy movie scenes.
    A sense of feeling.
    I wish I was rain.
    As I would fall from the clouds,
    I’d watch the world.
  2. Im Speechless :eek:
  3. Pretty cool. :)
    A subject I have not seen addressed before by poetry or prose. But I like it! :)
  4. Thanks, you guys!
  5. I like how each stanza is centered differently its unique:)
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  6. Thanks!
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  7. ...just thought i would point out that you misspelt my name.... its 'r a a y n n' ...

    Lol just kodding. But seriously, beautiful poem.
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  8. Hahaha, I have to reread the poem now, reading your name instead. :D
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  9. Wow! Nicely done, BlueShell! Very subtle... I'm delighted, and I'm impressed!

    The slightly asymmetrical yet very natural feeling of the waka rythm, the appolinairian calligram, the drone-like quality of the épanaphore (-couldn't find the translation in english-), all that blends marvelously in a very poetic rain.
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  10. Thanks!
  11. Lol. Thank you!
  12. I kept meaning to come back to this when I had a moment to read through it in a nice leisurely pace.

    So glad I did. I found it very soothing and each stanza gave me a picture in my mind to spend a moment with and take it all in.

    Thank you so much for sharing. =]
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  13. Than