Those Second Rate Christmas Cards!

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  1. So i'm sure as many of you know, there is the Minecraft Christmas Card competition running! Know i'm sure there are many of you that have done multiple banners / cards for this competition, and you have many that you have spent time on that just didn't suite for the competition and have just gone to waste! So here you can feel free to post all of those many awesome cards that have just gone to waste!
  2. My first attempt. Now I have not happy with this, but hey it was something new to me the whole minecraft theme, a lot of trial and error, but gives a little idea of my first Christmas Card :p
  3. When I first glanced at this thread and saw that picture without reading any text, my first thought was Is that sheep being targeted by a MISSILE!? :p Nice card. I look forward to seeing your other discards. :p
  4. Does nobody else have something to post here? :)
  5. I had one, but I think I deleted it
    I like that, but it does seem a little too dull to be a Christmas card?
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  6. [quote="AliceF3, post: 857698"I like that, but it does seem a little too dull to be a Christmas card?[/quote]

    Yeah that's why I didn't really like it xD well I couldn't end up doing any more cards anyway cause my computer with photoshop broke lol and right when I was about to starting doing them awesome Cinema4D craziness as well :( haha
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  7. Just for you, I made this. Now, be nice, guys, because I poured my heart and soul into this here card.

    I'll be signing autographs on SMP8.
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  8. Modern art...
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  9. That was considered art before the first cave painting ever existed, pal. That's how high of a standard that picture meets!
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  10. Could you sign me one next sunday? :)
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