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  1. My reaction:
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  2. Another one, this one will come with a bit of swearing and stuff.
    Consider yourself warned.
  3. I love it.
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  4. You enjoy memes to much Rainbow.
  5. Uhhhhhhhh.......
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  6. You scare me.
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  7. I applaud ur trolliness
  8. Wow! This started of you know not all that entertaining (my opinion) but then the explosion of animated memes!!! I love it! :D
  9. The hell did I just watch?
  10. It's from one of his movies lol, I forget which.
    I'll try and find a real edit.

    Meanwhile, in an incredibly futile effort to keep this on track, heres another Thomas.
    More language in this one I should think.
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  11. I lost it at this one... :p
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  13. Let's see how far this goes lol