This Weekend and next week.

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  1. So tomorrow my mother has a doctors appointment up in central Arkansas (which yes it's a big deal because me and her currently live in south Arkansas with my grandmother so it's a two hour drive) which in itself would not be something worth saying anything about. However after I am going to be staying in my home town while My Mother and grandmother are coming back. While I might be on my time o will drop a bit as this weekend my cousin is getting married and then till about next Thursday will be trying to finish getting trash out of are old hose. Anyway just thought I would let everyone know since I have pretty much breathing EMC since joining XD.
  2. First of all congratulations on the marriage, hope you guys are going to have a really fun day. I really wish you all the best and sincerely hope that whatever reason your mother has to visit a doctor will turn out to be something minor.

    But yeah, hope everything works out for you and hurry back! :)

    PS: noticed you're quite new indeed, try to keep track of your derelict time a bit (see /p while you're in game). But if you think that you won't be back that soon then you might want to PM Krysyy and explain the situation to her, she might be able to help prevent nasty things from happening.

    No promises (can't really make any) but I'll try to keep track of your derelict timer as well. But: no promises! I already promised a friend of mine to do the same thing, and its kinda hard to combine.
  3. I should still be around some :D just not near as much... Though the rain coming this next week will cut into some of my work plan's. As for the Doctor and the wedding well the doctors visit is on of several my mom has to do about every 3 months or so. And the weeding is about I would say 10 year overdue as they started dating back in high school but I usually believe in dating for a bit before running off and getting married so we will go wit h 9 years over due XD. Any way the trip should still be fun I usually see old friends when I go up there so that is always nice.
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