This summer's blockbuster..

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  1. POAT!

    Starring EMC's own Pat2011, Poat is about a talkshow host from Nauru who comes to the US of A to learn about American culture. Here are some quotes from our test audience..

    Copherfield: Would have been better if it stared me..

    Aikar: Screw the Dragon Tombs, THIS is the greatest thing to happen to EMC!

    Palmsugar: Jive!

    Mrlegitislegit: A very legit movie!

    72volt: Needs more lava walls!

    Poat will be in theaters worldwide on August 25!

    This film is not yet rated. Scenes may contain disturbing themes such as Poat being killed by a witch and later by a creeper.
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  2. This is great.
  3. You sound very excited about your movie.
  4. no no no no this movie is so jivey i can't even jive, it's the second best thing after jive
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  5. You heard it here folks, its almost as good as Jive.
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  6. 10/10 would give all my money in the world to watch over and over again - IGN
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  7. *applauds* I love it! I'm going to watch it at least once a week to make sure that my jive level stays up! :D
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  8. Never stop watching it! Pat needs more money for his flight back to Nauru.