this stuff is ridiculous.

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  1. I see this when I went into the wild, and it was terrible. I ignore, and move on.
  2. I know this is going against the grain here a bit, but I think instead of thinking about it like that, everyone should get into the mindset of what it really is. It's a WILD. The main point of it is to be dangerous, ugly, and filled with wonderful materials to fight for. When someone has a wild base that gets griefed, I tell them to pretend like they're playing a game like Fallout or something and act as if they just got attacked by scavengers or something and rebuild or expand on what they were doing. Pretend it's a part of the "game" and go on with things. Safety is meant for town. As soon as you step into the wild, just know horrible things can, and most likely will happen.
  3. he has a point! but still!!!!! >.< lol
  4. In Fallout you can shoot people in the face, but this is not the case with MC. I do not think that is a very good analogy.
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  5. I personally enjoy the wastelands/grief lands/nuke sites I enjoy traversing them (until I hit a hole to bedrock)
    I think they have become part of the EMC daily life so to speak :D but that's just me
    I just think it is somthing different that I have not seen many other servers have
    I also think it shows how EMC has so many loyal members that took the time to dig that up to build with
    And while a lot of you don't like the wastelands (to each their own) I think it adds to the EMC experience
    But I am one to see beauty in things others wouldn't :p
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  6. When the Brotherhood Outcasts go and steal your stuff, you're not going to get away with shooting them. Because they use Gatling Lasers.

    Think of it like that, if you actually did attack the scavengers, they would kill you.
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  7. This is why the "perioic reset" area exist, and they main reason I supported the last wild reset, so that all smp's periodic reset areas worked correctly. Once the area is reset the landscape goes back to what it looked like as the seed.

    For that reason I disagree with most of you, if the landscape is going to get teraformed and mauled for its resources, I would much rather have it done right next to spawn in the reset areas so that the rest of the world that doesnt look like this, because if the rest of the world looked like that it might bring upon another whole wild reset like the last one and everyone will lose their wild constructions.. again. I would agree that the "periodic reset" areas need to be reset on a regular basis because even though we have the ability to reset these areas now, we havent used the ability since the reset. We should maybe ask the staff to reset these area more frequently so they dont get as bad as they are now.
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  8. looked like something got nuked.
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  9. Can I drink this potion first? :p
    *drinks Potion:8259 and goes lava diving* .. :3
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  10. I don't think that the Nuke mod is allowed in EMC.. xD
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  11. Agreed. If we encouraged these guys to go farther out, then we'd have a PERMANENT nuke zone on our hands. Granted, the periodic reset area isn't very periodic, but I'm sure that Justin plans to make that start working once he's done with all his fancy-schmancy coding jazz.
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  12. Yeah, lol, I was going to mention that I think the reason they havent been reset yet is because Justin has been busy with other things that are a little higher on his priority/to-do list.

    Again, as much as we all hate seeing the destroyed landscapes right next to the spawn, I think thats the best place to do most of your material collecting since it can be corrected there, as opposed to out in the main wild area where it will remain destroyed indefinitly until the next wild reset. Yes, its an eye-sore, but at least it is a FIXABLE eye-sore! :)
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  13. They could have at least leveled the area out so it wouldn't look like that. That's what i do when i mine in the desert. Make one huge square and level it all out so it doesn't look so bad.

    Also, people can take advantage of it that way. Just as they did with one of my old sand mines. They made it into a battle pit for mobs. :p
  14. Just learn to live with it ;)
    Seriously, it's a pain but after you get used to (and start using the ouposts like everyone should) you will get a better impression.
    Simply: Don't like it, go to west outpost, or north, or south or east.

  15. What texture pack is this? :)
  16. Not necessarily. Wherever there is sand, there are nukes. Even at outposts :(
  17. Well, last time i passed through one of the SMP3 outposts there was a bunch of sand in place, do outposts have periodic reset areas tho?
  18. yes, the outposts have reset areas too... there are 6 reset areas per smp, main wild, north, south, east, west outposts, and the nether...
  19. Someone could just take away the sand in the second picture and make a sea