this stuff is ridiculous.

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  1. why do people mine like this? it's annoying, stupid and pointless, it makes the first 40-70 blocks look like a war zone and so unattractive, if your game glitches at just the right time you fall five blocks because someone doesn't know how to actually mine, not make things look like this (insert bad word).. i can't be the only one who thinks this is ridiculous.

  2. I would agree :)
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  3. Omg look at mini map! It looks like WWI
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  4. this is my point....
  5. Yes it is annoying, very. I use utopia wild to bypass it, but others should have better playing conditions in wild
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  6. Try as you might, you will never be able to convince everyone to be considerate. I tried for months to enforce the conservation of the landscape, but no amount of rules or guidelines you put in place will prevent people from doing stuff like this.

    This is why I harbor a huge amount of resentment for these people, particularly the ones digging the giant square right next to the wilderness spawn on smp1.

    These worlds are there for your own leisure, but have some damn decency and keep it clean. Perhaps stop being destructive and do something constructive for once.
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  7. Yeah, i say tear up yo lot, not the wild to all who do this!
  8. i mean... look at this, this is beyond stupid.

  9. Omg, deserts always get hit hardest for their sand
  10. Its because some people are to wimpy to go beyond the reset area. The good stuff is far out. Its a long walk, but its worth it. :)
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  11. well time to convert them to dirt hills :p EMC wildlife conservation group time! yeah I expierence these all the time they are extremely annoying because they are right next to the spawn on smp1...
  12. I think this smp7? Am I right?
  13. This happens on every server.
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  14. Not smp5... There is no 'griefed' desert. You can see it at the live map! :)
  15. well all of the smps have no griefed deserts if you go out far enough we mean right by spawn for all the lazy ppl out there who want easy access to sand
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  16. Lol, utopia doesnt!
  17. If you harvest sand in a reset area eventuality it will refresh again. If people wandered past the reset zone to harvest their sand the deserts would look like that forever. It does look bad though.
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  18. Maybe TnT???? or they mined liked that i dunno
  19. No, there not that much diamond supporters
  20. k sry