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  1. I am stopping by to say that I'm sorry for being an ass. I guess last year wasn't my year and that I liked being a douche over the internet. I'm not asking for a ban appeal, but I'd like one (lol). I just want to say that I'm sorry for acting like a dick to the mods and to Jeremy, and that guy I griefed. The Empire was an awesome, fun community, and I wish I hadn't screwed up.

    With regards,
  2. We might miss you.
  3. Wow, the only person that got banned and sounded sincere about their apology, but no unban so bye.
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  4. At least your sorry. (?)
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  5. Yeah, I really don't think I'll get unbanned. I just wanted to apologize. :l
  6. Thank you for the apology Onslaught. I'm sure you know that if you did wish to appeal a ban you do it by private messaging a moderator. It is appreciated though that you could admit your mistakes. Thanks for your sincerity.
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  7. Thank you for saying your sorry, we all make mistakes, It would be nice to have you back on the empire, I'd like to meet you.
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  8. Thank you. Hopefully I can get an appeal and get a second chance :)
  9. If want back in, work on the language. Haha, but seriously, I hope things work out for you.
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  10. That is something I need to work on, hahaha.
  11. I'm back guys! :D
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  12. Welcome Back :D
  13. what server do you play?
  14. Smp1
  15. Awesome to hear :) Enjoy being back and make sure you don't get yourself into trouble again.
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