this may sound strange...

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  1. well hello everybody! this may sound strange, but umm if you guys want me to, i can write you a speech ( i will need some details in p.m) for free so yeah, thatss it i guess,
  2. Write a speech?
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  3. whatever topic, wedding, birthday, burrying, any kind of speech
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  4. So is this a service?
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  5. yes, its a free service
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  6. Write me a speech about pigs please. :)
  7. ll p.m yo for the details lol
  8. Here's a free graduation speech for you people:
    "I would like to thank Google, Wikipedia, and whoever invented Copy + Paste"
  9. and the software that handwritten the speeches on paper before writing them into bytes on the computer
  10. so true
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  11. lolz can you write me a speech about my latest avatar :p
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