This made me cringe

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  1. (Warning: The first thing is an 'innapropriate' thing referring to a certain part of a human's anatomy :p)
  2. I find this quite funny and I don't see why this would be offensive. Brits shouldn't expect Americans to know what a fitty is or a Gordon Bennett.
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  3. You're missing letter 8 of line 4 of the QWERTY keyboard in this post. I added it for you ;)
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  5. The last few threads I have read he has done this >_>
  6. He does it in pretty much every front page post and quite a few 'normal' posts. I say just leave him to it until he gets bored of it and don't derail threads :p
  7. ok, back to the video :p
    Why didn't you find it funny or why did you find it offensive?
  8. I never said I found it offensive. I just added that there for people who find what that word references inappropriate/offensive/whatever else people feel towards those things these days. I didn't find it offensive because I use most of those words on a daily basis.
  9. Pfft, that was dull... of course, the best part of UK verbiage is all the stuff you generally can't say in polite company. Maybe best not to go posting those videos though. ;)
  10. This is awesome because that video is form buzzfeedyellow, buzzfeedvideo, or buzzfeedblue and those channels are the funnyest thing on youtube
  11. The best part of UK verbiage is when someone says sorry for bumping into you, and you say its okay, and in your head you're thinking 'You absolute @#!# !@#?!'. (<Those were all supposed to be words you don't hear in 'murica but in the UK :p)
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  12. Story of my life
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  13. Basically :rolleyes:
  14. And there is a flip side to it too, every part of the world has different slang. Heck, even different parts of the " 'murica " have different slang for things. I do exactly what you do sometimes, but with American slang.
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  15. I know that, but every country has their own curse/cuss/normal words. I was talking about those in that post :rolleyes: