This kid at my school...

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  1. Well, today, this kid at my school decided to put eye drops into the salad dressing at lunch... hundereds of students ate it. He was arrested today, Click Here for details on the news. My wondering is what the heck is wrong with some kids today...
  2. Pishaw, I heard a story in my school how a few years back in my FIT class a student has alcohol in his water bottle and went around offering people sips. I heard things didn't turn out well with him.
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  3. Haha I would think not...
  4. Wow. Just wow, did anybody get hurt or injured? ( In some odd manor? :p )
  5. Ehmm... Besides barfing, getting sick, and many abulances & fire trucks being at my school, no. click on the link in the OP
  6. Just Why?!?
  7. I just don't know... kids are idiots... i guess thats why.
  8. Stupidity... the only thing that replaces the not so common common sense.
  9. A kid shot his mom AND sister, and than called the cops. I think this is worse.
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  10. This thread just got more legit...
    More than even Mrlegitisligit can imagine...
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  12. If only I were allowed to post what I know... :/

    I got one. I heard some kids go around on different servers and grief things. :/
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  13. still is bad, but is not as bad anymore...

  14. ...

    Thread just got less legit..
  15. My memory is foggy but I heard that some kid high jacked a bus to go to McDonalds... That's how stupid immature kids are.
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  16. wow... ya thats pretty stupid. Probably most ppl think im immature too, since im only 14.
  17. Lol really?!?
  18. I'm sorta pissed, this kid you stated putting eyedrops in salad is a total idiot.
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  19. ya... he is pretty much an idiot... and it was the salad *dressing*, it was ranch. Did you go to the link and see it?