This is what happens...

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  1. This is what happens when you make a mob grinder for xp with 5 cave spider spawners. lol 2012-02-12_08.33.38.png
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  2. Its the best and most successful (most exp) grinder i have seen.

    Very gj indeed.
  3. Awwww they are so cute! I wanna hug them! :p and where is it? Spider xp grinders must be hard to make because of spiders ability to climb walls ( HAXXX )
  4. i know that place. ;)
  5. Do you like rupees? ;) :p
  6. this place is secret.. and by secret.. I mean right in plain view. If or when you find it (on your own) you will be like... how did i never see this??!!
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  7. I never go into the wilderness.... so xD and what server?
  8. That gives you to much information. =)
  9. C'mon I'm not that smart... just gimme a numba you don't need to include the smp xD or the coords? :)
  10. nah, it may not be you im worried about, but the other people who frequent these here forums. Last thing I want is thing to be victim to a grief spree.
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  11. Private messaging on forums = winning?
  12. Nobody but me ISMOOCH and Malicaii12, and their wives/gfs are allowed here, No ammount of money will get you here
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  13. lol
  14. Are you guys able to keep them all spawning at once, or do you work together! Very lucky find, guys (and gals) :D
  15. It probalby is just below the tutorial tempel XDDD not even in wilderness ^^
  16. Guess they are allowed - just not welcome - after all it isnt made in town
  17. 5?!

    I thought mine was good...
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  18. I know, right?!
  19. indeed ... 5.. all in aggro range XD. only problem tho, if you are there by yourself you will go through a set of diamond armor pretty quickly. But I timed it once, from 0 to 50 in a little over an hour. Its pretty nice.
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  20. I just got Silk Touch And efficency III from this spawner at lvl 33!!!!!!!!!