This is what happens when you disobey the mods

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  1. Obey what the mods say, or else :eek:
  2. Brb, going to disobey the mods...
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  3. Where is this?
    This looks like a hotel.... the sign says "10r a day, 50r a week"
  4. They are paying to be in jail
  5. Nah, that's how much the ransom goes up if we don't do as they command.
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  6. Wait... what's the command for this? *looks through notes*
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  7. If you were going to go to this "jail" on emc, couldnt you just TP out of it?
  8. I have been chosen to be the executioner, and here are the last moment of Wildtim9 and Lilyrox55

    The burning of Wildtim9

    Lilyrox55 waiting for her to be hung

    Lilyrox55 hung
    The graves
    2013-06-17_16.43.50.png You could be next! Obey the mods, or see me before your death! :)
    Good day
  9. Interestingly, when referring to the execution method, the past participle of 'hang' is not 'hung', but 'hanged' :)

    Well, teleportation ability would be restricted in a jail, using special commands known only to Justin and Aikar. :)
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  10. untitled.png
  11. I just realized that hanging people will actually be possible with leashes.
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  12. If you look closely, Lilyrox55 is being hung with string :)
  13. Torian! You're alive! :p
  14. LOL i still have the graves on my res if anyone wants to see! also rent a room in my jail >:)