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  1. yes you only need one ip now: and it allows you to then use /server smp# and automatically connect to any server :D
  2. Seeing as it's allowing 1.7 too, I realised you can connect with the snapshots with the twitch integration too
  3. This kinda freaked me out two. I did kinda like being able to see how many people were on each individual smp, but this works too I guess.
  4. From this update the map has not been working for me. Anyone else?
  5. Wait.... your talking about the live map huh?
  6. Ugh i liked seeing each individual server. Its just to confusing for new people.. it would be nicer and easier the old way.
  7. Yeah
  8. Agreed... just something to get used too i guess?
  9. No not even that, they always say "You will get use to it". But this thing is annoying.. I just logged on and i automatically wanted to go to SMP1 But no i get put on SMP4 just like everyone else. Then i have to have to put in a command to get to the right server i want.. like. Its annoying cause when people join then they have to know they have to put in this silly command that shouldnt really be there in the first place cause it was fine the way it was before (Sorry for ranting but this is my opinion)
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  10. That's been thought of, when you connect via it remembers the last server you were on, it won't put you to smp4 each time.
  11. ya but if when i log off on a server and then come back like 2 days later i dont want to log in to that server. I wanna go log on to one i click, But NOW i can't.
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  12. Good point, but ultimately, the server you want you will be barely one command away
  13. You will be able to once I get things fixed.

    Its a bug that doesnt take you to smp3, and im working as fast as I can to resolve the issues.
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  14. Ya but even when i log in i still get sent to that server, i don't get to choose anymore.. All i am saying is that it would of just been nice if you asked the EMC community first about what they think about it.
  15. Its a mistake / bug lol, no need to get upset about it.
  16. Well, uh...
    One thing comes to mind with the new bungee system:
    Why the heck can't I do /server 1? I'm lazy; don't judge me lol
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  17. Im judging.