This is messing with me...

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  1. 2014-06-26_15.29.31.png
    Any tiny bit of OCD that I may have is messing with my mind.
  2. Ya, I agree, that texture pack may mess with OCD! Good ole utopia.
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  3. :O Never seen that error in the design! I was there before hmm...
  4. That would drive me absolutely insane. O_O
  5. When I used to go there that was never there xD
  6. Am I the only one who has no idea which Ender-farm this is? :p
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  7. Yup
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  8. Pretty much sums it up.
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  9. Absolutely :p
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  10. When I saw that picture I thought you were talking about me
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  11. ;)
  12. You people are killing me. Do all 100,000+ EMC members know? :p
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  13. Of course, they secretly hacked into the database gave them supporter then went back to regular without leaving traces
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  14. I was there once, and I can't figure out how to get back :(
  15. isn't owned by AZHamster? and AZRicer?
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  16. One of the AZs.
  17. I was gonna say. It looked familiar.
  18. Ooooh, shiny experience bar