This is crazy.

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  1. I was on smp1 and then this new guy joined, he started at the tutorial. And then a few seconds later. Logged off and was never seen again. We need to fix this! image.jpg
  2. He could've just skipped it?

    Didn't the new ''skip tutorial'' option fix this?
  3. No, even if they do, they ask if they can tpa to someone and when we say you cant on this server they just leave moments later.
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  4. Well yes, but still, he is probably one of a few who leave. Aikars stats showed us that there are more people staying then leaving :)
  5. Well, that's good, isn't it? :D Means more people to join our ever-growing Empire to dominate all of Minecraft! mwahahahahahahahaha!
    Actually, it's just good for people to join nonetheless :p
  6. There was nothing rude about his post.
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  7. Exactly how are we meant to stop that?

    If they can't even get out of the tutorial we can't even talk to them, nevermind say "Stay here even if you hate this place because we want a bigger player-count".
  8. He was probably just being sarcastic :p
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  9. I've seen it happen a couple of times.
  10. I think the tutorial is the main cause of this. However, in order to understand EMC, the tutorial really is necessary...
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  11. More isn't always better. If they don't want to learn about the server, they won't be bothered with following rules. They might have been looking for PVP or Want to use x-ray mods, in that case, maybe they will go do that for a little while and come back.

    Can't please all of the people all of the time.

    There was a massive influx of new people on smp4 this weekend. If everyone re-asked all the questions that were answered in the tutorial, chat would be unreadable. I was pleased to meet some new people that seem like they will fit nicely here.