This is always nice to see...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. I cannot believe that we are actually 200+ players. It is 9:50 EST too! This is extremely great and I would like to say.
    Thank you.
    To all the veterans
    To all the newbies
    To all the staff
    Even RainbowChin. Well, maybe I don't thank him THAT much but oh well...
  2. It's still a bit sad when you think about it, because just under 2 years ago, that could easily have been up to almost 800...

    But still, this is great! :D
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  3. Before smp9 we had all servers filled up all the time at 60/60 #BlameSMP9
  4. SMP9 and SMP8 came out at the same time :p
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  5. Fun Fact: I thought that was actually something broken..not how many total were on >.>
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  6. i thought the same thing
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  7. I blame smp9 though :p