This is absolutely unacceptable!!

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  1. bad-mozzarella-sticks_smaller.jpg
    I swear to god, this happens everytime, except 10 times worse than the above. I put them in at the lowest recommended temperature, i cook them for the least amount of time recommended, yet ALL of the cheese decides to escape out of the breading -_- Every, freakin, time. And im tired of it!
    So i ask you guys, does anyone know how to avoid this happening? Any tricks to avoid this? Any brands that are better than the others?

  2. We usually get these, haven't had issues with them as far as baking them in our toaster oven, haven't tried the oven since it doesn't auto shut off. Frying I'v eburned them :I. You can get them in a bag or a box.
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  3. Have you considered cooking them at a higher temperature - make the outside more crispy before the insides get all gooey and delicious? Try that
  4. That or maybe try broiling before baking?
  5. The recommended temperature was 450'F, which is the max my toaster oven goes.
    I will have to check these out!
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  6. yeah, things don't generally go above that in an oven... Perhaps it is just a REALLY bad product. lol
  7. I have tried the walmart, cub, coborns, target, and TGI fridays type:confused: I must just have terrible luck:p
  8. Well, when they puke their little guts out, just try a big more experimenting, different temperatures, different materials they are being cooked on, that kind of thing.
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  9. whats TGI fridays?
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  11. hmm why is this such a problem? I haven't really cooked like ever besides pork-chops and baked potatoes in Minecraft... So yeah just wondering, is it just aesthetic?
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  12. Lol its just an inconvenience. You decide to cook yourself some moz sticks, and then you look in the oven, and you see (for me at least) that the cheese wants nothing to do with the breading.
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  13. Oh okay lol, thanks for the clarification ;)
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  14. i may or may not have just peed my pants laughing.
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  15. Do they still taste good?
  16. If you can manage to get the cheese somewhat inside the breading, it isnt too bad!
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  17. When my mother cooks me these, they end up squished and look really demented. Thankfully, we never bought them again.
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  18. ew. just. ew x1,000
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  19. No, if you cook them like my mother, it does not taste good at all. I felt like puking the first time... I think I did actually.