This forum NEEDS a Tutorials/Guides section!

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Do you think a Tutorials/Guides section would be a good Idea?

Yes 6 vote(s) 66.7%
No 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hello Akaikee here!
    A Wiki can be a really dry resource and does not have alot of pictures to go with their explanations, that's why I prefer to read something written by another player who maybe even adds some humor to the topic and helps me understand things I usually wouldn't while reading a wiki entry. Also I love making elaborate posts about how stuff works, or how I made the latest Redstone invention.

    I already saw a few Guides and Tutorials here and there, but they vanish way to quickly because of the amount of posts that are made everyday on here.

    A section dedicated to Tutorials and Guides would not only help new and experienced players, but if ( I actually don't know) the forums are accessible from the outside, would also increase the amount of people that can find this website with the help of Google searches. Although it wouldn't be a huge amount of people, every person that stumbles across the website is a potential new player.

    Please post your opinion on this topic.
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  2. You can watch certain threads, so you can see the guides that you are looking for. To watch a thread click Watch thread in the upper right corner. :)
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  4. I
    What does watching useful for if I don't even know this thread exists?

    Thanks, I will consider it. But making a new Forum for everyone to post to would allow anyone to share their knowledge with the community. My suggestion clearly states that I would like to suggest a whole new forum for everyone to post their Guides and Tutorials to. A wiki is way to restricted to allow everyone to share their knowledge.
  5. We need factual and consistent information to be shared. A random post on the forums does not guarantee that.

    The forums are for discussion, the wiki is for information. Each tool has its job :)

    If you write up a full guide that covers stuff the wiki doesn't already cover well, you can send it to the Contrib team to see about adding it.
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  6. But where do I go to if I want to discuss the information with everyone else? And maybe want to make changes depending on the input I get from the community. I was not thinking of the wiki at all, since I only find EMC related Tutorials in there, and almost nothing that is about Minecraft itself.

    I think I already got a clear no, but there should at least be a visible reminder or notification in the wiki that if people want to share their knowledge they need to send their stuff to the contribution team. It's not really a social way to do things, but I at least hope it will work.
  7. I like the idea of a thread dedicated to builds and helping players with actual creations. Maybe not a tutorial thread, but something like "player tutorial" or something like that?
    Alot of members who have played for a long time could really help inexperienced builders. Again, I don't want to take away from the wiki, but a player based tutorial section would really help people find info that isn't in the wiki, AND keep them on the forums instead of looking for info elsewhere. My thoughts:)
  8. Thanks, thats exactly what i mean! I don't want to preach any facts i don't actually know nothing about, i want to share stuff i do with redstone, or farms i build with the community.
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  9. general mc stuff can go into Minecraft Discussion. And if you want to discuss improvements to current wiki articles, put them in Empire Discussion.

    See, it's discussions about the wiki :)
  10. Well, Aikar told most of it but even so I do think the OP has a good point here. This is just my impression but the wiki has a more 'professional' touch to it and even though a slight bit of humor is used here and there its main focus is still aimed at providing consistent information and not so much full guides (which could be more light weighted and / or mixed with some humor).

    Now, a new forum seems a bit too much for me. Also because the amount of people who actually write guides aren't enough to fill one up (IMO). Next is information consistency.

    Still, there might be another solution and I don't take credit for this, that goes to ww2fan168: maybe us guide writers should solely use the Help & Support forum instead of Community Discussions. So far I always dumped my guides in the latter, but I can see how that might make them harder to find. When I try searching for [guide] none of my guides show up. So pinpointing these to 1 forum should help out.

    Hmm... I think I may write a guide for this later this evening (no pun intended).