This always raises a chuckle

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  1. As of 0900 GMT - sleigh positioned on runway lol :)
  2. 0910 - Elves perform final safety check - santa boards sleigh - prepares for launch rofl :cool:
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  3. Oh this is great xD

    North Pole - Santa takes off from runway; village waves good-bye

    The actual thing doesn't look bad either o.o
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  4. Santa takes off at 0925 - WOOHOO :)
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  6. Check back later tonight and you will see the "live" webcam :cool:
  7. Yeah, me too, cause it has always been NEE for me. Thanks for reminding me Alex:)
  8. Lol, didn't know there were flagsXD I always did the useless web on iPad, but it turned out lot doesn't work on iPad
  9. umg, my friends did the math. santa would have to spend 300 years every year checking his list xD
  10. I think so :D
  11. let's test. do you see a canadian flag?
  12. We have been watching this for years.. and as of 5 am central us time Santa arrives back at the North Pole with GIFTS DELIVERED
    7,060,919,100 go santa!
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