Things to do when you are bored

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  1. What can I do? I am really bored. Sick of playing all my steam games, I dont know any new ones. Im not good at drawing, and I have no ideas for my game. I dont want to play minecrat also
  2. Listen to music? ._.

    Or just sleep.
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  3. Im to bored to sleep .-. Also I dont want to waste my day off school
    I dont know any good songs and im not a big fan of music, Do you know any good games I can download and play? I would like some free ones
  4. Watch Cory Amour videos.
  5. Ehhhh...

    Give me a list of free games you already play.

    If you haven't got it yet, try out War Thunder. It's fun to start out in and will be for your first few weeks, but the bad 'pay 2 win' developer decisions stick out like a sore thumb about a month into playing. Dogfights and tank battles are pretty fun when you're bad at the game and are stuck with underpowered biplanes and tanks though :p
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  6. I play that game sometimes, Im in tier 4 british planes, Its really grindy though. Do you know how to play with tanks and airplanes controlled by players in the same map?
  7. From what I've played of it on PS4 (I played it on PC when the tanks weren't a thing, or not as much of a focus), I guessed planes were a powerup from killing people when playing tank battles? .-.

    Otherwise I have no idea.
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  8. Im spending my hours betting on Toribash matches...

    ^ Band to listen to. If you need convincing play "Blood & Glitter".

    Get better at redstone or learn faux calligraphy. It's fun and I never have to buy pre made cards ever again. Watch Community, Arrested Development, Parts Unknown, Alpha House, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, or the first season of Heroes. All good shows. All bingeable. Screw around with the piano that's been sitting unused in the corner of your room too long. Read Candide, or This Earth of Mankind, or How to Win Friends & Influence People, or anything by James Herriot if you're feeling sad. Trawl this forum or reddit, try to understand how the cricket scoring system works. Watch the entirety of CrashCourse world history. Call up a friend and go to a movie.

    At least, that's the kind of stuff I do when I'm bored. Being bored is a choice, and sitting around trying to figure out how not to waste a day is a much bigger waste than anything I've mentioned.
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  10. I just work on coding stuff when I'm bored.
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  11. I tried playing war thunder, but my urge to try and land my airplane is to big so I kept on trying to land my massive bomber planes at 700 mph...
    One of my wings ripped off and I started to spiral so I just let fate take me and I spun around and somehow hit the ground wheels first, but the games physics launched me into a front flip, I let out 2 of my 500 point bombs and blew the back of my plane off... But I did this all on my runway and after a minute and a half I was up in the air again!
    Doing the same thing
  12. Im downloading a game called "GunPoint"
    Looks interesting :p
  13. Iunno... If you don't like War Thunder, why not try out World of Tanks? XD
  14. I play World of Tanks. Have played it on and off for over 5 years. Good game. Frustrating at times, but good as a game filler if you're bored, until you want to play something else again.
  15. Wowes. I'm not even four months in. But yeah... It's kinda frustrating at times when your team is kinda inexperienced or the other team have many strong tanks. XD
  16. Matchmaking is interesting at times, but that's all the luck of the game, and sometimes it's a fun challenge when the odds are stacked against you... mainly when you succeed in those challenges! Because then they are much more rewarding :p
  17. Except I can't carry that hard. XD
  18. Most people can't - on most occasions - but on those lucky occasions where you do manage to, that's where the game feels so much more rewarding for you :D
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