Things that staff do in their "spare" time.

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  1. #1 RainbowChin fixes things that he breaks.
    #2 Aikar gets around to "cleaning" his work area when all he really does it slide the trash under the desk.
    #3 Maxarias discovers the trash and sets it back onto Aikars desk with a note; "Take out the trash or I'll break out the lighter"
    #4 Aikar cleans his desk twice a week.
    #5 BlackKnight runs an orchard of various berries. He calls his product BlackBerries.
    #6 Krysyy openly admits to eating the BlackBerries.
    #7 Maxarias runs a taco stand on the weekends, her top selling taco? The Flamethrower.
    #8 Despite his willingness to resist samsimx eats and enjoys BlackBerries on Flamethrowers.
    #9 highlancer discovers this and tweets a picture of samsimx eating it with the hashtag #WhatOnAikarsGreenServerDidIJustWitness
    #10 Simon replys to highlancer's tweet with the hashtag #Samsickx

    Got more? Post them below. Also no matter how hard he tries Rainbow can never fix what he breaks. #Samsickx
  2. pictures or it didn't happen
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  3. Funny. You picked the one berry type that I don't like =P
  4. All hail samsimx.
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  5. SeffyChan takes Selfies in her spare time.
  6. Or so she'd have us believe...
  7. wad... o.0
    I thought Simon is fixing the things chin is breaking?
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  8. Nah, Chin tries, but never succeeds...
  9. I am unaware, where is the samsickx thing from? :p
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  10. Come on... BlackBerries on spicy tacos? That's pretty gross my lord...
  11. #11 BigDavie sews PenguinDJ sword shaped potholders... No one knows why, it's just what he does.
    #12 Aikar learns that highlancer tweeted and replies to the tweet with, #TheEarthisn'tactuallygreenjustcodedtobegreenshaded which nobody bothered to read.
    #13 Matheus created his own colony of ducks, dreaming that one day he overthrows samsimx's reign over Pancakia, which he just discovered that he rules.
    #14 samsimx runs a country called Pancakia.
    #15 Aikar approves of Pancakia and integrates it into EMC.
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  12. #16 Effinbatman reads forums and wonders what goes on inside peoples minds.
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  13. #17 Seffy cares for her Fish, which she throws at people to make them her Wives
    #18 Matheus prepares his ducks for Battle, giving them smalll cannons that fire Rocks
    #19 Lucky, also looking to take over Pancakia, Teams up with Matheus, forming the Ultimate Duck/Budgie Army
    #20 Maxarias mixes up Chicken and Elfin's Taco Orders, Chicken gets Chicken Tacos, he cries upon seeing the chopped up delicous cubes of his fellow Chickens, garnished with Cilantro
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  14. Wouldn't you like to know?