They're here.

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  1. I do not if any has heard probably most of you have heard the a naked man bite off another mans face in florida and even after several shots was still attacking. So this begs the question are "they" here, and if do not know who the "they" I'm talking about is I'm talking about zombies.
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  2. Hey i heard about this on news, apparently he got shot in the chest 5 times or so and was still munching away. Till they shot him in the head?
  3. Yes. We - Erm - they will eat you soon.
  4. Sorry guys. I should really keep my brothers on leashes.
  5. Like for you :)
  6. Only in america ae :p
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  7. And yes i have heard of this. The man that got bit name is still not been released to the public and he is currently in the hospital.
  8. Poor guy....

    Oh and btw ChinaJet08 it wont let me reply or like your post. It says i dont have permission.
  9. I heard about this through a friend, and another of my friends is legitimately scared XD
  10. This is NOT good... well then time to sharpen the fire axe ;)
  11. Even better, time to sharpen the bullets
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  12. What about the laser spitting flaming kittens? Those need to be posted at every corner of every neighborhood.
  13. when the time comes Im gunna be chillin in the space needle :p
  14. Yes finally ! lets kick some zombie butt ;)
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  15. Never heard about it. Links please.
  16. Man eats face?

    Steel meets flesh.
  17. Only in Florida, really.:p