They unnerfed iron farms :D

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  1. Thanks god! Dinnerbone unnerfed iron farms we can still use them :3
    That is unless jeb does it again -,-
  2. Need a mod to change title to unnerfed D:
  3. They should of stuck with it being nerfed. But nooo they had to listen to all the complainers GAH!
  4. Hopefully when I go visit Mojang in a few months, I can knock enough sense into Jeb to make him nerf iron farms again.

    And he was hardly nerfing them. All you had to do was his them, you're farms still worked perfectly.
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  5. Hmm, automatically accumulating iron and gold hey? Sounds legit enough...
    But really, what are they thinking?
  6. Why do they change I want them nerfed I was looking forward for iron to go up in price. :(
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  7. Is it possible for EMC to nerf it?
  8. Aikar is working on the Anti-AFK system.
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  9. Guys, Aikar is going to do something about it. So don't expect to be able to be doing your iron farms again. Just because Jen listens to his complainers does not mean Aikar will not do something about this, he even said he would be changing this. Minecraft will now be a game where you get your pick axe and go into the wild to get your ores.
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  10. #EmpireFarmRenerf
  11. Have you heard about the new EMC AFK policy?:D
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  12. Aikar has stated that in reagrds to in game mechanics that EMC WILL follow whatever Mojang dictates. Mojang Nerfs: We nerf; They unnerf:we unnerf.
  13. #AllHashForJack!
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  14. Thanks to Aikar, the Anti-AFK policy will be put into place... Hopefully this will rise the prices of iron and gold.. >:]
  15. Woah, didn't know Jack was that kind of guy. D:
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  16. Mojang Adds Regional Difficulty
    Empire Removes It

  17. I don't make the rules or put words in Aikar's mouth. I just quote him.
  18. This isn't that new...
    The unnerf has been out for a week maybe.
    It was accompanied by a change in village mechanics, but since no one in EMC does the Iron Trench or similar (as far as I know, the Trench simply doesn't work on EMC) it doesn't affect us.
    So, new AFK policy.
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  19. Because it was broken.
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