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  1. I found some theves 2012-04-07_10.54.26.png
  2. lol kilnannan is so in trouble.
  3. Wow ! that is so disrespectful ! Ugh i wish i could you do /kick butt on minecraft -_-
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  4. :eek:

    I've been caught!

    Please note: Local Chat is broken in the Wild and Nether and so you can hear everyone across the World.

    What you read on the screen was a wind-up and had I not disconnected to deal with some RL stuff, that fact would've been made clear. :)
    I'm over 50,000 blocks from anyone else right now. :)

    Apologies to anyone offended by this, but it passes the time and keeps people on their toes. :)
    I'm sure Margaritte will second this statement.

    It was all her idea anyway!! *Points accusingly!* She made me do it!
  5. i could not see them on the map so think they were hidden


    I think that is a lie about the chat
  6. I told you your trolling would get you in trouble one day ;) and I can attest to the fact that kilm is really out in the middle of nowhere, trolling lots but stealing nothing, because I'm out there with him. Sorry if our bit of fun was in bad taste or upset anyone.
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  7. Covering your tracks huh....
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  8. This is all your fault margaritte. I told you not to tell me to do it. :D
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  9. And now this song is stuck in mah head -- thanks everyone!
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  10. Yep. It has its advantages. :)

    Those players have been reported and I've PM'd Twitch with his original admission. :)
  11. margaritte and kilmannan you guys should stop playing "jokes" I know youre just playing around, no seriousness, but this context is kind of bad.
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  12. Griefing is inexcusable.
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  13. I've taken this up with you in PM. :)
  14. This is a confusing case :confused:
  15. Honestly Green, we were just trolling the broken local chat. Kilm wouldn't grief, he's one of the good guys. That other kid, well Justin already banned him for the x-ray pack...
  16. I didnt see the other kid in chat.
  17. Sorry about that then. /unbanned
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  18. The two screenshots are not related in any way.

    In the final screenshot, a kid had just admitted to using a see-through pack, which was screenied and reported. I think Balmung was posting it as an example of the broken local chat and how it can be beneficial when people get caught out.

    As for my griefing ban, all understood and these things happen. As I say, my bit of fun was reacted upon by a member of the Community as is right, and a Moderator took due action.

    Shows the system works! :)
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