Local Chat broken? Talking over thousands of blocks.

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  1. Myself and one other are in the Wild on SMP5, very, very far out.

    Flattenpancake is talking to us in Local, even though he is at the West Spawn (We're nearer East Spawn)

    I thought the range was 100 blocks?
  2. Heh... I ran into this same issue.

    I totally freaked out thinking someone had broken into my private town.. My heart was beating so fast...

    But yes, there is some kind of bug there. don't know if its a permanent link or not.
  3. That makes me feel better -- totally freaked me out thinking that we were so far out that no one would find us, and then ... here's pancake!
  4. I have had a couple reports of this before, although I am not sure what is causing it. I have tried to reproduce it and can't. I will keep trying, next time if someone could use the live map to grab and exact location of both parties (just hover with your mouse) it would be a huge help!
  5. I gave you the exact coords when I reported mine... :p We can test it tonight if you want.
  6. Yeah I must have missed that sorry :(
  7. This is being fixed in my chat mod re-write :)
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  8. noooo :( well add a wild chat then! lol
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  9. Margaritte will have to give up her hobby of teasing unsuspecting players now................ :oops:
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  10. Probably for the best, really...
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  11. cool :D