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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Cypher_Rahl, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. I noticed that there are hardly any mods online (SMP3). It's rare i'll see someone get kicked for swearing, stealing items, griefing, etc. It usually falls onto to me to have to warn people about caps, the rules etc.

    So either make me a mod or explain the lack there of. Thank you.
  2. well that was really rude of you.
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  3. Mods are almost always watching from Square. We were given the /report function so that we can alert the mods who are on Square at the time about rule breakers. If you didn't use /report then I advise you to try that in the future.
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  4. if you want to be a mod, i'd apply with the mod application...

    not ranting about it on a forum. and being nice about it... a mod has to be professional, not rude, and cocky like you are here. you go to admins for this, not complaning about it on a forum.

    i do agree that you have a point. there should be more mods because when you need them most, there are none. so i agree... but this isn't the place for this. like i said.
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  5. I wouldn't demand to be a mod... It makes you look bad. But I too have noticed this. What I see happening wrong tho isn't usually to bad. If it ever is there is always /report and a mod switches over usually. But a couple more mods could be nice especially with the two new servers.
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  6. How was being honest rude? You say I was rue. I say making brazen shortsighted comments is a crime.
  7. amen, thank goodness someone pays attention to the important things.
    educate yourself before you do this kind of thing.

    thank you nab.
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  8. How is making a point that you agree to not belong in help & support? How is bringing up a point rude? Do you just feel confrontational?
  9. i'm apparently not the only one who agreed that this isn't the place or how you should have said things. so...
  10. You were being rude in the sense that you were demanding to be a moderator and accusing them of not doing their jobs. Trust me, if the mods see something from square that requires their attention they will come help.
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  11. no, i just didn't like how you half insulted the amazing staff we have on this website.... they are amazing, each one helps when they can, always, always with 100% and then some... other places wont do this. at all. this is the best place there is, don't diss the people that can help you. if no one is on server 3, jump on another server, or even go on here and personal message one, they WILL answer you.
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  12. I use /report. That was touched upon in the OP. Instead of making comments that just require me to have you reread the OP- say something productive. A 2 sentence OP is hardly a rant.

    Also; thanks for the link.
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  13. amen, thank you again nab.
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  14. you're welcome, and again, hop on here and personal message them. that always works, and you can tell them as much as you want to fit in that little box where you can even personalize your color of font, and smilies and so on. that isn't a limit.
  15. There is a difference between making a point and being rude. Every issue I've ever had I was able to resolve with either an online mod or notifying an admin directly via the website (they get updates, you know. probably to their phones and respond immediately).

    Demanding to be a mod and coming across as someone who is 'deserving' of that title (rather rudely). I know the staff on EMC, and they do do their jobs. In my opinion, your comments were not needed. If you don't like the way EMC runs their server, feel free to click the log out button. Otherwise, follow protocol. You, as a Gold Supporter, should understand by now that there are how many players to just one mod. Sure, they could use a few more mods but what if there isn't anyone who will fit the job description? Let me put it to you this way... If you ran a restaurant and met a homeless man with leprosy, would you allow him to work at your restaurant just because you needed a cook? of course not... you'd wait until you found somebody who could do the job without you having to worry about how the job is being done.

    Choosing a moderator isn't an easy task. As an administrator of a different server, I have to honor every single thing that Justin and Jeremy have done. To get a server THIS advanced this quickly and to have such success is amazing.

    If you want to apply to be a moderator, do so, but remember that what you post is looked into as well. The next time you throw a job application in, go yell at the manager and tell them that they better hire you becuase nobody else is doing their job (which in turn means the boss isn't doing HIS/HER job.)
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  16. There are some not item giving mods allowed in to this servrs world of building.
  17. Wasn't rude.

    Wasn't demanding.

    This thread is done.

    Go build a dirt house.
  18. Amazing. Make sure you note that as well on your moderator application.
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  19. And a good day to you as well sir
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  20. I'm not a mod yet and as a person I'm free to express the fact you're mistaken, as well as the smallest inclination that I disagree with your insults.
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